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Why Advertise With TLC Media

We know that many business owners struggle with where to spend their advertising dollars. TLC Media is embarking on a new journy with TLCMedia.net to help be a resource for our local businesses to better understand the TLC Media difference.  We are unlike any other media company with unique assests developed to fit your needs no matter how specific they maybe.

Our mission is simple.  TLC's goal is to provide the latest news, sports, and entertainment possible. We strive to bring these to you with the absolute hightest level of accuracy and latest technology in order to bring value to our clients, listeners, and readers. We know it will help you to become a better marketer by having the information needed to make the best possible advertising, and marketing decisions for your business.

So what is TLC Media?  TLC Media is Tomlinson-Leis Communcations LP made up of the following entities: TLC RADIO App., TLCMedia.net, KBYC 104.5FM serving Markham, TX, KNET AM1450 serving Palestine, TX, K239AM 95.7FM serving Palestine, TX, KKHA 92.5 FM serving Markham, TX, KYYK 98.3FM serving Palestine, TX.  Regional news websites YourEastTexas.com, YourSoutheastTexas.com, ElEstedeTejas.com, ElSurEstedeTejas.com, and additional radio stations in Jacksonville, and Oakwood coming soon.

KBYC 104.5FM will be hitting the airwaves in Sept 2016 it will be offering the latest hits of today.  KNET AM1450/K239AM 95.7FM offers a conservative talk viewpoint with talk show giants Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin.  It also offers a varity of local, and content specific programming.  KKHA 92.5FM is our Classic Hits radio station playing songs you know, and love from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. KYYK 98.3FM is a Hit Country radio station playing your favorite Country hits from the 90's to today.  KYYK also mixes in a large portion of Texas music.  When it comes to radio local matters.  Many are not aware that each station is licensed to a local community by the FCC for the sole purpose of providing public emergency access to information.  Each station is suppose to provide a higher level of service to the city of license vs. any other community.  If you want to support the local media in your area its wise to look into exactly what stations are licensed to your local area.  A useful website used by many is www.radio-locator.com.  We love, and care about our local communties we serve, and have invested, and reinvested milllions of dollars into the local areas we serve since 2005.

YourEastTexas.com/ElEstedeTejas.com covers local news, sports news, community events, classified ads, for East Texas. YET as we refer to it offers a large coverage area of information from South of I20 to as far south as Huntsville, and everything East of I45 to the Texas boarder. YourSoutheastTexas.com/ElSurEstedeTejas.com covers south of Huntsiville to the Gulf Coast border, and as far West as Victoria to the Eastern Boarder of Texas and Louisiana.  We were the first to offer this content in both English and Spanish Language.  TLC invests thousands of dollars a month in our online properties in order to provide you with the most local, and accurate information possible.  Even though we cover such vast areas one very unique offering we have for our readers is the ability to localize the website to them.  A few inches from the top of the homepage is a section where you can type in your local zip code, and receive information on the page feed that is closest to you first. If you have entered your zip code yet try it.

The TLC RADIO smartphone app. is available in both iPhone, and Android versions to the public. TLC Radio app is our 3rd version of our streaming app. to the public.  TLC RADIO app. has been downloaded worldwide by thousands of our fans.  We have partnered with the largest, and most prestigious streaming provider to supply our listeners with the best experience possible online.  TLC invests thousands of dollars a month to provide you with the best possible place to reach potential clients.  We will explain in other areas of this website the various options avaialbe to you.  No other local media company has invested as much in you as TLC.  In fact you don't even have to download our app to enjoy the radio station, or music you love.  You can simply visit any of our websites, and stream straight from the website on your phone.

So when your looking to advertise why buy from one of TLC's media outlets?   Its simple.  We know the community, we are local just like you, we want to see our local communities grow, and we have a simbionic relationship.  It does TLC Media no good to sell you a product or service that doesn't benefit your business needs.  We win when you win!  Without you we simply don't exist.  We are not subscriber based the only revenue stream we have is in our commercial, or display advertising offerings.   Simply put "We tell other people what other people are doing." thats our only revenue source. As we will point out in other future articles we offer more effetiant coverage of the local community than any social media outlet.  Yes you heard right Radio is the origional, and largest social media outlet reaching over 94% of the Amercian population. We invest thousands of dollars a year into the training of our local advertising agents.  We are the only local media to have industry certified staff from www.rab.com, www.podium.com, www.thinkzoom.com, and more.  TLC's combined years of knowledge bring big value to you our business client.  

A little about the President of TLC Media Lee Parkinson he started worked in Radio, TV, Newspaper industry at 16 years of age all over the great state of Texas.  Lee served 6 years (2009-2015) as a Board of Director for the Texas Association of Broadcasters (www.tab.org).  Lee has a unique client viewpoint based on his background with other companies in and out of the media business, and works with each staff member to bring out the very best in thier understanding of client based marketing solutions.  Each of our local managers have served at various capacities at our radio stations giving them a well rounded view of the operation.  We just didn't simply hire from the outside we grew our talent from the local community.  We have the largest staff of any of the local media employing up to 10 or more individuals on a full or part-time basis. Our staff lives, eats, shops, with you because it's their local community as well.  

We hope this provides you with some valuable information on why you should choose TLC Media as your source for local, and effective advertising. As you can see we are Local, Local, Local!  We look forward to working with you to grow your business.  Contact our sales department today at sales@tlcmedia.net, in Palestine at 903.729.6077, in Bay City at 979.323.7771.

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