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Sales Job Openings

TLC Media is always looking for the best sales talent for our radio stations, and digital products.  Many people that have little to no experience in sales often wonder could I really do a sales job?  Should I even apply?  Obviously, we would love to have sales people that already know the ropes, but in smaller markets that is not always easy to come by.  So we look for several qualities to qualify those who wish to set out on a sales career to hopefully keep someone from getting into the business that might have a harder time.


Ask yourself these questions:

1.  When you interact with your friends, or family do they look to you for advice?  Maybe where

     to shop, or eat? Where are the best deals?

2.  Are you nervious meeting new people, or do you enjoy meeting new people?

3.  Do you have an investigative mindset?  Are you willing to ask questions when most people


4.  Are you creative?

5.  Are you competitive?

6.  Do you have a fun, friendly, and positive attitude about life?

7.  Are you trainable, and take well to instruction?

8.  Do you like to be outside to breath in the fresh air?

9.  Are you organized?


If you see your value currently being worth more than what your currently making then a sales career might be the right move for you.  There are no limits to your earning potential.  TLC does offer a base salary, but no one selling for our company makes just the base.  Past TLC employees have earned nearly 6 figure incomes.  Yes, in small towns, and you could too! TLC is adding more radio stations, along with increasing signal coverage's, and digital assets that opens new doors to more sales opportunities.  We are excited to hear from you!  


We currently have the following Account Executive openings:

1 sales position open for Angleton, TX

1 sales position open in Athens, TX

1 sales position open in Bay City, TX

1 sales position open in El Campo, TX

1 sales position open in Jacksonville, TX

1 sales position open for Lake Jackson, TX

1 sales position open in Palestine, TX

1 sales position open in Port Lavaca, TX 

1 sales postion open in Wharton, TX


To apply for any position please send your resume to jobs@TLCmedia.net.

Click here to download and applications: Blank Applications

TLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

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