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Is a Transportable Home for You?
Transportable homes are one of the preferred options of many homeowners in QLD these days. It may sound rather new for some, but transportable homes are gaining a fast popularity in Australia. For one, it is very affordable and practical, especially for families who wish to have a complete house delivered to their block of land needing only the electrics and plumbing works to be completed.
Is a Transportable Home for You?
Should you be considering getting yourself a transportable home for your new house, Steelbuilt will be happy to help you. We have been distributing quality transportable homes in Queensland for years. So, in today’s blog, we will share with you some benefits of transportable homes to help you make the right choice.


Transportable homes are cost-effective.

When you need to build a new house to the new location you are moving into, there will be many expenses to consider. Payment for contractors, materials, permits and other things essential to your house construction will cost your budget to blow up. But with a transportable house, even at the initial construction, budget will not be a problem; since parts of the house being pre-fabricated and available in packages. So you don’t have to worry about hidden charges and unforeseen expenses.


Transportable homes are built faster.

If you need to relocate fast, then choosing a transportable home is the more convenient and economical option. You can have it done in just a span of eight (8) weeks, that is after you have finalised the following with us:

  • Interior colours
  • Exterior colours
  • Kitchen & bathroom finishes
  • Plumbing and electrical fixtures
  • Tiles
  • floor coverings

So if you want a house that you can easily and confidently be at home with, a transportable home would be a better choice.


Transportable homes are made of quality materials.

Transportable homes are made of quality and durable materials to withstand moving. As a long-time supplier of transportable homes in Queensland, we at SteelBuilt can guarantee that our products are heavy-duty and can stand the test of time.

Here at Steelbuilt, we use steel as frames for your new home. This means a home that is free from pests and mould infestation. So what are you waiting for? Come and schedule an appointment with us, today.


Transportable homes are environmentally friendly.

Since transportable homes are pre-fabricated and are ready for installation once delivered to your block of land, they will produce minimal waste. This helps reduce the transportation and material costs.

Sawdust, wood chunks, scrap metals, and other by-products are produced when constructing a new house. Getting rid of these wastes is also challenging. So if you want a mess-free home construction, a transportable house will be great for you.



Transportable homes have many benefits to offer. So if a transportable home sounds like something you will prefer for your new home, Steelbuilt can help you find the right plan for you. Send us a message, today!


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