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Frequently Asked Questions About Stump and Stilt Homes
A stump home is a type of home that has been built on top of an adjustable stump, which is sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. Building this type of home can be a bit challenging, but the many benefits it delivers outweighs these complexities. Here are some of these:
Frequently Asked Questions About Stump and Stilt Homes

Fantastic View

A stump home has great views from its inside. This feature makes it possible to enjoy a great view from your window. It’s also more secure to live in a stump home due to its elevation.


Flood -Resistant

Stump homes are more flood-resistant than standard houses. Since they’re built on top of the house’s floor, they can’t be easily flooded once it gets too high.


Insulating Properties

Since most stump homes are raised over the ground, their insulating properties will be good. In hotter climates, being elevated can help cool your home.


When is it time to adjust your stumps?

Just like other types of houses, stump homes also need some maintenance. This including adjusting the stumps especially if  you notice the following:

  • cracked interior walls
  • uneven, bowed or ‘soft’ floors
  • cracked brickwork on the outside
  • doors and windows not functioning correctly.

Concrete, wood, and steel are the three alternatives for stumps. Steel and concrete, as one might expect, lasts longer compared to wood. Choose a reliable stump home builder to help you with the adjusting of your stumps of your home. Let’s talk about it.


How often should I do maintenance checks on my stump home?

Structurally speaking, stump homes require little maintenance, especially if it is built by a reliable builder. However, visual inspection every six months is necessary so you can check if any aspect of your home needs any repair.


Brick or stump home: what is the better option?

This is a matter of preferences, but for homeowners looking for a house with a unique look while staying to your budget; then you’ll find stump homes to be your the perfect choice. Moreover, the use of weatherboard cladding materials makes your home even more durable as this is made to last a lifetime.


What can cause damage to stump homes?

A strong current of water due to flooding may damage stump homes, but aside from that you can worry about nothing once it is built; especially if you used steel and concrete for your stump homes.


Is a stump home right for you?

Stump homes offer a unique style. They are also very budget-friendly and take years before it has to be restumped. So if you are dreaming of a unique home with a splendid view, choose a builder with years of experience to help your dream become a reality.


About SteelBuilt

We have years of experiencing building and designing hillside homes, most of which stands on stilts and stumps. We have the skill and knowledge to adaptably suit the contours of the hillside, even without the need for expensive cutting and filing. Talk to us should you want a hillside home for your family.


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