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3 Stunning Hillside Homes Owned by Australian Celebrities
Hillside homes are quite a choice by many celebrities for their residential or vacation house and it is no wonder why. First, hillside residences offer a gorgeous view or either the waters or plains depending on the location. Additionally, the atmosphere is very relaxing on the hillside due to fewer population, distance from the city and lesser pollution.

In this article, we will feature 3 of the most stunning and popular hillside homes owned by Australian celebrities. Let’s start with the ever-famous Bunya Hill Georgian-style mansion that was previously owned by Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban in Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

3 Stunning Hillside Homes Owned by Australian Celebrities

Kidman & Urban’s Bunya Hill Georgian-style Mansion

The celebrity couple bought the Georgian-style mansion back in 2009 as the main residence. The 45 hectares property has six bedrooms, full-sized tennis court, 18m swimming pool and a herd of alpaca and cattle.

The house was first featured in Vogue Australia in 2015 where the actress herself gave the audiences a tour around the property. Aside from the above-mentioned amenities, the indoors offer more recreational facilities such as billiard room, Georgian verandah and ceiling-high bookshelves. These made the hillside home an even more relaxing vibe.

Bunya Hill was sold by the couple in 2017 and has recently gone up in price again in the market.

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Blanchett’s Hunter Hill Palace

Hunter Hill has always been known for exclusive residences. One of these luxury houses is the Gothic-style palace that was bought by the power couple Cate Blanchett & Andrew Upton in 2005 for $10.2 million.

Bulwarra, the name of the couple’s mansion, has an open plan-living. Numerous glass windows give the residents a great view of the outdoors. This style maximizes one of the advantages of a hillside home, the perfect scenery.

To make the most of the location, the couple even renovated the house and installed a rooftop pool, riverfront tennis court and a designer’s garden.

All the upgrades soon paid off as Blanchett sold the house for $20 million in 2017, almost double the price they paid for it.

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Jimmy & Nadia Bartel’s Geelong Home

If we are to talk about creativity, former couple Jimmy and Nadia Bartel’s hillside home in Geelong has it. The exquisite house was designed by the two incorporating both of their preferences in it.

Upon entering the property, a lap pool connected to an infinity pool will easily get your attention. This is Jimmy’s idea and he was fond of it. In an interview, he said that he stayed more often in this part of the house than necessary.

Meanwhile, the indoor houses an extravagant walk-in closet and state of the art kitchen as preferred by Nadia. The amenities in their hillside property suggest a very personal theme to it. Looking at the overall layout of the house will give you the idea that there is a lot to make out of a hillside home.

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Living on a hillside is like having your vacation every day. Being so close to nature, along with the fantastic view from such a high place, make hillside residences appealing to homeowners. Additionally, you can conclude from the celebrities’ experience how profitable a hillside house can be when properly maintained.

Fortunately, you do not need to be as rich as the above-mentioned celebrities to make your dream hillside home a reality. If you are interested in building a home on a hillside, give us a call at 07 4637 2662.

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