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How to transport a transportable house
As the name implies, a transportable house is designed for it to be easily moved from one place to another. But one thing that makes us curious is this, how are these houses transported from place to place?

Moving a transportable house into another location requires the help of a professional property mover. This is because the transporting vehicle and lifting equipment needed to make the house relocation possible are often only accessible through the service of property movers. However, prior to the move, you also need to secure some documents and permits. This is needed each time you move your transportable house from one location to another.  

So how does the move happen? 

How to transport a transportable house

Initial Step: Digging the transportable house from the ground

The initial step in transporting your transportable house is to dig the foundations from the ground where the house stood. Digging the foundations would make the lifting easier and will prevent damages to the property. Simultaneously, the spot where the house will be relocated must also be prepared so it will be ready when the transportable house arrives.


STEP 2: Disconnecting the Service Lines

After exposing the foundations, all service lines in the house must be disconnected. Electricity, water and phone lines will be cut to avoid an accident when the house is lifted. Doors and windows will also need to be locked and taped so they won’t suddenly open while the property is being moved. 


STEP 3: Lifting the house

When everything is secured, it will be jacked up or  a large crane will lift the house up from the ground creating enough space where a low beam truck can pass through underneath. Sometimes, the house will be placed over sturdy supports to keep the vertical space while restraining movement.


STEP 4: Securing it to the transport vehicle

A large low beam truck is the most commonly used vehicle to move a transportable home. These are customised trucks with a steel base platform designed to accommodate a transportable house. This makes it easier for the low beam to be driven underneath the house until the two are on the same level. From here, the crane will lower the house until it is laid flat on the beam. 

To make sure that the house will not be dislocated on a moving vehicle, chains and other locks are fastened around it. As a safeguard, another vehicle accompanies the truck while the house is being transported to another location, and more often than not, police vehicles are also needed for additional security. 


STEP 5: Transferring the transportable house to its new location

As soon as the house arrives in the new location, it will be lifted from the truck to the new foundations. From here, foundations will once again be secured and the house will be assessed to ensure it is free from damages. 


After reading the above processes, are you in a position where you like the idea of a transportable house but you would like a new house or you don’t want the hassle of possible damage to an already older house?

If that’s the case, you may want to visit our gallery for transportable house models. Steelbuilt Australia is specialised in providing the quality kit homes and transportable homes that will surely last and be the design you like.

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